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Capturing Natural Abstract Art is a challenge. Once found and captured it is precious.


I would like any owners of my pictures to feel that they possess something unique and valuable.  


From any one photograph I produce just one high-quality print.  I usually use the Giclee process.

Owning Natural Abstract Art

I sign and date each print, and then mount and frame it, to the highest possible standards.


The aim is to give my prints the same status as paintings.


The print size at which my images are well-presented is 43cm by 63cm (17 by 25 inches).  Framed and mounted, this would result, typically, in external dimensions of 61cm by 84cm (24 by 33 inches).  The all-in purchase price (including postage and packing) would be £4750. Both larger and smaller sizes are available.


My sale and delivery arrangements cover most countries.

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