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When I was in my late teens I was told to choose between the Arts and the Sciences.  I resolved to do both.  So, I am now both an artist and a scientist.  As a scientist I know than human beings are heading for serious trouble. I have worked with other scientists to try to do something about this, helping to clean up some of the world's dirtier places.  So, then, what is there to do as an artist?


I want to persuade humans to get closer to Nature, and I would like Artists to lead the way.



I live in Oxfordshire with my wife Jane; we have two grown-up children and one grandson.

I want to promote Natural Abstract Art.  It must be natural.  To say anything new, and express the 'intensity of experience', it must be abstract.


So now I am attempting to become a natural abstract  photographer. Photography is now an essential part of my life, and I cannot imagine being without it.  I want and expect to take photographs every day. But I want to share the results, and remind everybody what a wonderful place the Earth is.