I achieve abstraction by working at high magnification.  Artists have not explored magnified images of Natural Forms to any great extent.  Here is an opportunity to be challenging, distinctive, original.

Art is emotional communication; I want to communicate.


My images are natural abstract art.  The subject matter is natural, photographed in a natural way.


They are abstract in that they do not resemble the subject matter.


They are Art because they carry emotional messages

Being Natural is important to me.  The human race needs to move back much closer to Nature in order to survive, and I would like Artists to be leading the way.

So my images are of things I didn't know and can't imagine.  As they are based on my perceptions, I hope they are ambiguous.  I want the viewer to contribute.  Given that they are of flowers, but don't resemble flowers, they illustrate the arbitrary nature of what it is we think we see.

My images are of the camera, not the eye.  This is important to me; if photography is to be valid as an art form the camera must be allowed to find its voice.


The nature of my work dictates that I am usually close to the technical limits of the camera, struggling to achieve acceptable images.  I believe that my best images arise as the result of such struggles.

Natural Abstract Art

The true origin of my pictures is somewhat of a mystery.  Exploring, say, a flower at high magnification produces an endless succession of apparently meaningless images.  But then one appears that seems to have meaning.  How to identify it? I don't know for certain.  The nearest I can get is that I sub-consciously capture an image when I have a deep-seated desire to be present in whatever scene is presenting itself.

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Stone-Age artists, and following them, Turner, Cezanne and Picasso, all knew that to emphasise the 'intensity of experience' you need to resort to the abstract; You can portray reality only by departing from reality.

I hope my images resonate with other Art forms; music, poetry, the ballet.  I value particularly the concept of 'poise' - a movement about to happen.  

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